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I have no special talent but I am passionately inquisitive…….

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Hello friends myself Anantdeep Singh, an Agricultural professional by education & banker by profession, freelance web consultant & an amateur web-pro based in Victoria-Canada. “Anant Deep” the infinite light that lights the world.

a young man working within the banking industry. A Jatt from the clan of Dhillon’s educated at Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar & Agriculture Institute of Khalsa College Amritsar one of the Oldest & Premier educational institutions of North India.

A confident and self-motivated individual with strong leadership qualities, enjoy taking challenges be it at work or in life, having a strong sense of loyalty towards the organization associated with, be it school, college or place of work. Values like honesty, integrity, dedication and loyalty are of utmost importance to the persona. On the social front enjoys meeting people from different walks of life across the globe. Have widely traveled across India and also visited USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Thailand & The Netherlands as well as part of pursuit to know the world in a better way. I have been involved in initiatives as part of pursuit for bringing the voice of Youth to the fore about various important issues (Peace, Inter-faith harmony, Sustainable Development) affecting us as citizens of this planet. Part of the collective Youth voice that refers to the distinct ideas, opinions, attitudes, knowledge, and actions of young people as a collective body.

Qualities that describe me: Check it out ! Proactive, Creative, self-motivated, organizational abilities, excellent communication skills, good motivational skills do not describe me like the words written in a book or dictionary, they are just words that may not encompass reality. Just an ordinary human being with a different vision.

An amateur web consultant with special interests in Animation, UI Design, web design, presentation design, branding & logo design, web composition and VFX with special interest in planning & implementation of web  projects.

I detest monotony but thrive in an constantly evolving environment. So if you are someone with a similar thought process. Email me….

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